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The Pakistan Group was established in October 2018 and today includes 12 active Members who lead some 35,000 employees, spread across Pakistan.

The Group includes representatives from various sectors including hospitality, telecommunications, information technology, textile, financial advisory, micro-finance, logistics, media and fashion. Members work within and across their organisations to focus and lead on gender equality, diversity and women’s empowerment, not only within their organisations but in the society as a whole.

Group Convenors

Fiza Farhan

Fiza Farhan

Global Development Advisor


Fiza Farhan is a leading global expert on issues pertaining to women’s empowerment, access to energy, sustainable development and multi-stakeholder partnerships; advising various Governments, private sector and development agencies especially the UN on critical development issues in both realms of advocacy and action. 


Playing Our Part: A Framework for Workplace Action on Domestic and Family Violence

Champions of Change Coalition, in partnership with Challenge DV, No to Violence, Our Watch, The Full Stop Foundation, UNSW Gendered Violence Research Network and WESNET, today release a framework with practical actions and resources for organisations, to advance their approach to the prevention and response to domestic and family violence in the workplace.

Sharpening Our Focus on Corporate Giving

Corporate giving could become a powerful lever for accelerating gender equality according to the recommendations in a new resource from Champions of Change Coalition and Australians Investing In Women.

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