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The Pakistan Group was established in October 2018 and today includes 6 active Members who lead some 7000 employees, spread across Pakistan.

The Group includes representatives from various sectors including Hospitality, Telecommunications, Information Technology and Software, Micro-Finance and Sports Organisations. Members work within and across their organisations to focus and lead on gender equality, diversity and women’s empowerment, not only within their organisations but in the society as a whole.

Group Convenors

Fiza Farhan Diamond

Fiza Farhan

Global Development Advisor


Fiza Farhan is a leading global expert on issues pertaining to women’s empowerment, access to energy, sustainable development and multi-stakeholder partnerships; advising various Governments, private sector and development agencies especially the UN on critical development issues in both realms of advocacy and action. 


Pathway to Gender Equality in Sport: Progress Report 2019-2020

Champions of Change Sport Group release the Pathway to Gender Equality in Sport: Progress Report 2019-2020. This is the second annual progress report, it tracks improvement and provides transparency on Group-wide and organisation performance on gender equality across 26 measures under the five categories of: leadership, participation, pathways, investment and practical actions.

Preventing and responding to sexual harassment: Resources

Sexual harassment is a societal issue and no organisation or workplace is immune. What we have been doing in the past has not been working. As leaders committed to accelerating gender equality in our organisations we know that we can use organisational systems to eradicate sexual harassment and it requires significant shifts.

Champions of Change Coalition Impact Report 2020

Champions of Change Coalition release the 2020 Impact Report detailing action and impact on gender equality, advancing more and diverse women into leadership and building respectful and inclusive working environments for all employees.

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