Anees Khawaja
MG Apparel

Anees KhawajaAnees Khawaja, CEO MG Apparel and Director Mahmood Group has been a champion of change in South Punjab propagating initiatives that educate and empower women every step of the way. One such example is that 75% of the workforce is women. He has also taken other initiatives that holistically help women gain various skills, learn tools to gain financial independence and play an integral role in the progression of the country. He believes in providing a pedestal that emulates equality and equity for the women of our country.

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Male Champions of Change Pakistan 

Anees Khawaja is a Member of the Male Champions of Change Pakistan group which was established in 2018. The Pakistan group includes representatives from various sectors including hospitality, telecommunications, information technology, micro-finance and sport. Members are committed to leading on gender equality, diversity and women’s empowerment within their organisations and in society as a whole. 

Male Champions of Change Pakistan is a member organisation of the Champions of Change Coalition.