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The Property Male Champions of Change was established in 2015 and today includes 20 members who lead some 35,000 employees, in 9 jurisdictions.

The Group includes senior leaders from across the industry’s development and construction, investment, funds management and agency sectors.

Members work within and across their organisations to drive greater gender equality in the property industry and increase the number of women in leadership roles.

Group Chair

Johnston Banner

Bob Johnston

CEO, The GPT Group


In march 2021 a steering Committee was established to guide governance, the agenda, membership and performance criteria. The Steering Committee is led by Bob Johnston, a founding member of the Property Champions of Change who has worked to progress critical areas of focus over the last six years including normalising flexible work and addressing everyday sexism.

The Champions of Change Property Group pays tribute to the founding Convenor, Carol Schwartz AO, who stepped down from the role after six years in March 2021.

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