Executive Summary

30 March 2022

The Champions of Change Property Group’s ‘Pitch Pledge’ initiative is designed to ensure women play a meaningful role in major leasing and capital transaction assignments. The ‘Pitch Pledge’, developed by the Champions of Change Property Group, aims to ensure at least one woman is part of the bid and receiving teams on both sides of any transaction.

Like the Champions of Change Panel Pledge, the ‘Pitch Pledge’ is aimed at building women talent and greater inclusion across both institutional and agency operators in these transactionally-based business areas.

“Pledges from senior leaders, like this, have the potential to have great impact. Here we have some of our industry’s most powerful figures – Chief Executives and Managing Partners – saying we are taking a stand to improve our talent pipelines and the career prospects for women.”

– Phil Rowland, Convenor Champions of Change Property

“Importantly, we are not making this pledge because it looks or sounds good. It is about both sides of the industry, institutional and agency, coming together to make a difference and accelerate change. We understand that given the current low representation of women in some existing capital transaction and leasing teams, there won’t always be a woman in the room right now. But this new pledge aims to change that picture over time in a collaborative way. If that situation emerges, it is up to the participants to ask the tough questions about why, and what steps we are taking to ensure women are part of the business to come.”

– Carmel Hourigan, Office CEO Charter Hall

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