2023 Impact Report

Executive Summary

21 November 2023

The Champions of Change Coalition shares its 2023 Annual Impact Report. 

A highlight of this year was the release of a refreshed strategy with a bold new vision to achieve inclusive gender equality across workplaces by 2030. This reflects the ambition of the Coalition’s 260 Members to help lead transformational change on gender equality within a generation.

Since Founder Elizabeth Broderick AO established the Coalition in 2010, our Members have prioritised investing in collective action and partnerships to develop system-wide and sustainable change towards a more gender equal and inclusive future. Many of the actions developed and implemented as part of the Champions of Change strategy are now globally accepted standards for organisations wishing to become employers of choice for all.

 “We’ve learned that systemic and sustainable change on gender equality in the workplace can only be achieved through leadership commitment and action at an organisational, sector and national level. We are truly grateful to our Members who prioritise investing in collective action and partnerships to accelerate towards a more gender equal and inclusive future,” said Elizabeth Broderick AO, Founder and Convenor, Champions of Change Coalition.

Being accountable – standing behind our numbers, sharing lessons learned and outcomes – remains core to the Coalition’s strategy. The Coalitions Annual Impact Report is the largest voluntary disclosure of key measures on gender equality in the workplace in the world. The 2023 Annual Impact Report details progress and actions over the course of the year in advancing inclusive gender equality.

Women’s representation across Member organisations has increased overall in 2023. This includes improvements in the categories of CEO, Head of Business, Key Management Personnel, General Managers, Senior Managers, Non-managers, and Board.  

Members continue to implement high impact actions to advance cultures of inclusive gender equality within their organisations. For example, there has been strong Coalition-wide progress developing systems and processes for preventing and effectively responding to sexual harassment in the workplace –  an issue the Coalition has been focused on for over 6 years. Leadership and transparency on closing the Gender Pay Gap was also a key focus area in 2023.

Champions of Change Coalition 2022 – 23 highlighted outcomes:

of organisations have systems in place to address bias and ensure equality in recruitment and promotion processes, up from 94.3% in 2022
of organisations have policies or initiatives in place to enable equal and flexible access to parental leave for all parents, up from 91.1% in 2022
of organisations have adapted workplace health and safety strategies and processes to incorporate sexual harassment as a physical and psychological safety issue, up from 74.1% in 2022
of Member organisations have initiatives in place to support employees experiencing, or supporting family/friends experiencing, domestic and family violence, up from 91.1% in 2022

“Across the world, women’s rights and human rights are under threat. Economic, environmental, social, geopolitical, health and digital disruptions are at times seen as competing with gender equality as a leadership priority yet, each issue disproportionately impacts women and girls. In this environment it is truly heartening to see leaders in the Australian Government, the women’s sector, business, academia  and our communities aligned in pursuit of inclusive gender equality,” said Annika Freyer, CEO Champions of Change Coalition.

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