Our mission is to engage leaders to help achieve gender equality and a significant and sustainable increase in the representation of women in leadership.

Members personally lead on gender equality and identify practical, constructive and disruptive actions to shift entrenched systems of inequality

We share our insights, progress, resources and results freely and widely for others to adopt or adapt to scale and accelerate the pace of change.

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What  Champions of Change have to say on gender equality

Elizabeth Broderick

‘When workplaces actively support women, and build a culture of respect, they change lives. It’s going to take all of us – every single one of us – to build a more gender equal world.’

Elizabeth Broderick AO
Founder, Champions of Change Coalition

James Fazzino

‘The progress we have made shows the impact we can have when: men step up beside women on gender equality; the most senior leader makes gender equality a strategic business priority; there is sustained focus; and we collaborate outside our usual networks for different solutions.’

James Fazzino
Chair Manufacturing Australia

Shane Fitzsimmons

‘As industry chiefs, and Champions of Change we are sending a message to the fire and emergency services sector that women are a part of our life, and women are part of the fire and emergency services. There should be no impediment to women playing a meaningful role – and taking up leadership roles – in any aspect of the work we do.’

Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons AFSM
Resilience New South Wales

Andy Penn

‘The statistics are clear, domestic and family violence is prevalent in our society and there will be both victims and perpetrators among the employees of large organisations in Australia today. Workplaces can and therefore should take action, and in doing so we can contribute to both saving and changing lives for the better.’

Andy Penn
CEO of Telstra

Aurora Boots Geotina-Garcia

‘We need more men to acknowledge that patriarchy – where men hold the power and women are largely excluded – needs to change. Men may not agree that certain norms give them an advantage as these were also designed mostly by men.’

Ma. Aurora “Boots” Geotina-Garcia
Co-Convenor Champions of Change Philippines

Edgar Chua

‘We champion equality with the belief that businesses and the Philippine economy will benefit. When we have diversity, more people are given the opportunity to contribute to their organisation’s success, and ultimately to nation-building.’

Edgar O. Chua
Co-Convenor Champions of Change Philippines

Steven James Robinson

‘Research shows that if countries want economic growth, they must invest in women. Greater gender equality is critical for growth, development and social cohesion.’

Steven James Robinson AO
Australian Ambassador to the Philippines

Nick Hockley

‘As leaders, our continued commitment to gender equality, reporting and transparency is critical to informing our strategies and developing comprehensive action plans to ensure we are progressing towards a gender equal future and minimise the adverse effects of the pandemic on gender equality.’

Nick Hockley
CEO of Cricket Australia