The first Champions of Change peer group, known as the Founding Group, began in 2010 with 8 Australian leaders. It has since grown to 19 Members, comprising CEOs, board directors, Australian Government secretaries, university and military leaders.

The Founding Group have seen real impact from their individual and collective actions and continues to share their approach and resources across the Coalition to help other leaders get started, build momentum and accelerate change towards gender equality.

The Founding Group is committed to actively advancing gender equality across their organisations and across the country. The Group’s purpose is to help achieve significant and sustainable improvements in the representation of women in senior leadership, which includes a focus on action in the areas of leadership, talent development, accountability and public advocacy. Over the 10 years since its formation, the Founding Group has also taken a leading role within the Coalition on broader societal gender equality issues, such as workplace responses to family and domestic violence.

Group Convenor

Elizabeth Broderick AO Diamond

Elizabeth Broderick AO 

Founder of the Champions of Change Coalition


Elizabeth Broderick AO has brought together captains of industry, sport, governments and Defence Force chiefs to address gender inequality in Australia and beyond. As Australia’s longest serving Sex Discrimination Commissioner (2007-2015), Elizabeth worked tirelessly to break down structural and social barriers faced by women and men, and to promote gender equality.