Gender Equality and the Digital Economy

Executive Summary

20 October 2021

Rapid technological change is a major trend impacting the world of work. Since COVID-19, the digital economy has grown at a speed and scale beyond anticipation. Further acceleration is likely as investments are made in the digital economy powering nations’ continued economic recovery following COVID-19.

Leaders from across the Champions of Change Coalition are committed to seizing this opportunity to accelerate gender equality in their organisations.

Champions of Change Coalition leaders are making 12 specific commitments to achieve gender equality in the digital economy. The 12 commitments address key themes:

  • Digital Inclusion and Access to Technology
  • Ubiquity and Necessity of Digital Skills and Ways of Working
  • Diverse Capabilities in Growth Industries
  • Work that Works for Women
  • Gender-Balanced Investment

“The use of AI and machine learning is guiding the way we understand who we are, what our role is in society and the opportunities that exist for our future. But we need to disrupt the future of AI, before the entrenched inequality of the past becomes the entrenched inequality of the future.”

Andrew Penn – CEO, Telstra

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