Power to create inclusive gender equality in the workplace

Executive Summary

17 June 2023

The Champions of Change Coalition strategy has the specific intent of working with people who hold power and influence to make and accelerate change toward gender equality.  The Power to create inclusive gender equality in the workplace discussion guide looks at individual power and the power systems and structures within organisations. It also explores how these systems and structures can impact gender equality.

This work encourages all leaders to reflect and articulate the power dynamics in their own organisations and networks and consider the potential opportunities to accelerate gender equality by challenging behaviours and disrupting the status quo.

This discussion paper provides practical actions leaders can take to better understand and use their power to help achieve inclusive gender equality in their organisations and in the community more broadly. Five actions for leaders:

  1. Understand how you attained power.

  2. Understand how others perceive your use of power.

  3. Consider how and who you are empowering.

  4. Understand the types of personal power used in your organisation and how they impact gender equality.

  5. Challenge organisational systems, structures, processes and cultures to ensure they empower employees equally.

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