The Panel Pledge

Executive Summary

The Panel Pledge first started in 2012, in an effort to substantially improve women’s representation in public and professional forums. Many high-profile conferences, events, task forces and media outlets lack gender balance. Despite there often being no shortage of qualified women to contribute. The impact of imbalances such as these has consequences for women in leadership, gender equality, organisations and our community.

Since then, many leaders and organisations have adopted the pledge. The pledge has also evolved because leaders and organisations have identified ways to amplify its impact. This refreshed resource asks leaders to consider the diversity of women and other speakers more broadly. It provides more ideas on how to extend the pledge to executive teams. How organisations can include the pledge as part of sponsorship and supplier agreements. Even how to run gender-equal and diverse conferences, from speakers all the way through to audience attendance.

The pledge is a simple, practical example of action leaders can take to influence system-wide change. As a result, improving inclusive gender equality and diversity in leadership.

This is our pledge:

We pledge to increase the visibility and contribution of women and diverse leaders in public and professional forums.

We Pledge to - Panel Pledge

Take the Panel Pledge

We invite you to join us in taking the pledge, and to share this message with other leaders in your network.

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Panel Pledge Icons have been created to publicly promote the Panel Pledge and its mission. The use of these icons is encouraged amongst organisations wishing to visibly champion gender equality and diversity.

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