Sami Wahid
Managing Director
Mondelēz Pakistan

Sami WahidSami Wahid is the Managing Director of Mondelēz Pakistan. As a specialist in the snack and beverage industry, Sami provides over 17 years of expertise in the domains of Marketing, Sales and Strategy. His work comprises a holistic take on the strategic direction and commercial operations of the overall business. He has had a lengthy history with Mondelēz International, starting back in 2015. Sami’s extensive Mondelez career has spanned multiple markets including Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan (MENAP) regions where he has led critical assignments that helped generate a positive momentum and balanced growth for the organization.

Prior to becoming the Managing Director for Mondelēz Pakistan, Sami served as the Strategy Lead for MENAP, guiding the organization and reforming it through the pandemic. He has had a remarkable track record for driving transformational growth, creating an innovative culture while driving brand and business success.

Since Sami’s appointment as the Managing Director for Mondelēz Pakistan, he has initiated multiple projects to identify and activate growth as well as value creation opportunities within Pakistan. He has also helped escalate the sustainability program to ensure that the organization inspires positive impact on the environment and society. Sami is particularly passionate about the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion agenda and believes in making a positive difference in the community at large.

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Champions of Change Pakistan

Sami Wahid is a Member of the Champions of Change Pakistan Group which was established in 2018. The Pakistan Group includes representatives from various sectors including hospitality, telecommunications, information technology, micro-finance and sport. Members are committed to leading on gender equality, diversity and women’s empowerment within their organisations and in society as a whole.