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Executive Summary

7 March 2023

The Male Champions of Change Pakistan Group includes 25 Members who lead some 78,000 employees in Pakistan. The Group have been collaborating on gender equality initiatives since 2018.

The Male Champions of Change Pakistan 2022 Progress Report provides an update on their actions taken and outcomes achieved over the past 12 months, against the Group’s gender equality priorities.

The Pakistan Group’s results demonstrate year-on-year progress on gender balance in leadership teams and across all key indicators of leadership pipeline and representation. The report also details significant progress in implementing their commitments to action across all measures identified to accelerate gender equality in their workplan.


women’s representation achieved overall across the Group. Up from 9.9% in 2021.
women’s promotions achieved overall across the Group. Up from 13.1% in 2021.
Members achieved or moved closer to gender balance across 47.8% of leadership categories in 2022.
have mainstreamed flexible work with policy, tools and technology and leadership support, up from 50.0% in 2021.

Pakistan’s leaders coming together and committing to collective action towards creating diverse and inclusive workplaces, gives us all hope for a more progressive and equitable future for our women and girls. Working within the Champions of Change Coalition enables Pakistan’s Members to accelerate gender equality within their organisations and beyond. 

Fiza Farhan Convenor, Champions of Change Coalition and CEO, ORA Global Development Advisors 

Hear from the Male Champions of Change Pakistan Members on their key gender equality initiatives:

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