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Executive Summary

14 March 2023

The Champions of Change Insurance Group includes 6 Members who lead some 34,000 employees across Australia and New Zealand. The Group have been collaborating on gender equality initiatives since 2019.

The Champions of Change Insurance 2022 Progress Report provides an update on their actions taken  and outcomes achieved over the past 12 months, against the Group’s gender equality priorities.


women’s representation achieved overall across the Group (balance 40-60%).
Members achieved or moved closer to gender balance across 87.0% of leadership categories in 2022.
of Members have a gender equality strategy and action plan that is reviewed annually by their Board or senior leadership team.
of Members direct reports have KPIs related to gender equality in their scorecards or performance plans.

Gender inequality exists right across corporate Australia but we can achieve gender equality if we have a plan of action and when we hold ourselves accountable.

–  Richard Deutsch –  Non-Executive Director and Convenor, Champions of Change  Insurance

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