Peter Jensen-Muir
Executive Managing Director
Cummins Asia Pacific

Peter Jensen-Muir

Peter Jensen-Muir joined Champions of Change National 2017 Group in 2018.

Peter Jensen-Muir joined Cummins in 1988 in Melbourne, Australia and over the ensuing 30 years has had assignments in Australia, the United States, Singapore and the United Kingdom where he was engaged in supporting customers in industries covering Automotive, Mining, Power Generation, Rail and Marine sectors.
Since 2013, Peter has been responsible for providing leadership as Executive Managing Director for Cummins Asia Pacific, overseeing the Company’s operations and ensuring that Cummins lives its values of integrity, diversity & Inclusion, Caring, Excellence and Teamwork in delivering on its customer, community, financial and operating commitments across a diverse region including Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, South Asia, South East Asia, Pacific Islands, Korea and Japan.
Peter embraces the Cummins values with a strong commitment that how results are achieved is equally important as the results themselves and that for Cummins to succeed in competition with others, it must strive for an inclusive culture where differences are recognised, valued and leveraged to bring capabilities and the skills needed to solve the challenges of Cummins stakeholders

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Champions of Change National 2017 Group

Peter Jensen-Muir is a Member of the Champions of Change National 2017 Group. Members of this group have a strong industrial manufacturing and transport focus, and work within traditionally male dominated environments. The Group’s goal is to increase the representation of women in leadership positions and in non-traditional roles across their organisations.