Absolutely. Women’s leadership is essential. Women are critical collaborators and advisors. However, in the Male Champions of Change strategy, the accountability for action rests squarely with the men.

For example, members of Chief Executive Women (CEW), Australia’s pre-eminent organisation representing Australia’s most senior women leaders, have partnered with the founding Male Champions of Change. CEW members facilitate high-level discussions with the men. They were also co-creator of the Leadership Shadow model.

Gender equality experts, both women and men, from time-to-time supported the founding group as they deepened their understanding.

For example, the Male Champions of Change benefited from the support of the Women’s Leadership Institute of Australia, who shared materials about the under-representation of women in media and action the group might take. Leaders from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (the Australian Government’s statutory agency charged with improving gender equality) have assisted the Secretariat in analysing data and progress.

Finally, the group works closely with women throughout their organisations to gain insights and ideas to accelerate change.