The Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) is an Australian Government agency committed to improving gender equality in Australian workplaces.

The Agency is responsible for administering the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012.

The Agency works collaboratively with employers to help them comply with their reporting requirements under the Act and provides education, advice and tools to help organisations improve their gender performance. 

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency is committed to promoting and contributing to understanding, acceptance and public debate of gender equality issues in the workplace.

The Agency’s vision is for women and men to equally represented, valued and rewarded in the workplace.

WGEA resources

Building a gender equality strategy

The WGEA gender strategy toolkit enables organisations to diagnose gender equality performance, set goals and build a comprehensive strategy to achieve their gender equality goals.

Pay equity resources

The WGEA pay equity tools have been developed to help organisations and individuals address pay equity.

For Directors
For CEOs
For HR practitioners and remuneration specialists

More information on addressing pay equity can be found on the WGEA website.

Target setting toolkit

The WGEA has a developed guidelines and a target-setting calculator to help organisations set realistic and achievable gender diversity targets.


You can also check out the WGEA Data Explorer to drill down into the Agency’s dataset and find out how industries are performing in gender equality.