We set the tone Eliminating everyday sexism

October 2017

Executive Summary

Everyday sexism affects everyone but more frequently and to a greater extent women.  It occurs in the formal and casual interactions between people. It happens in daily life. It happens frequently in workplaces.

We Set the Tone: Eliminating Everyday Sexism sets out steps to identify and respond to everyday sexism, emphasising the importance of open discussion, goodwill and leadership in taking action to eliminate it.

How we lead through action or inaction will set the tone for our organisations.

More than 6,000 employees across a range of sectors were consulted as part of work led by the Champions of Change Coalition to understand what everyday sexism looks like; its impact on employees, career advancement and productivity; and actions that can be taken to address the often insidious and harmful workplace dynamic.

‘As leaders we have a responsibility to set the tone for what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour within our organisations.’

– Craig Drummond, CEO Medibank

The “We Set the Tone: Eliminating Everyday Sexism” report outlines common manifestations of everyday sexism and sets out everyday actions that leaders can take to make a difference.

This work forms part of the Champions of Change Coalition’s broad and long-term mission to achieve gender equality, advance more women into leadership and build safe, respectful and inclusive environments for all.

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