Tara Veldman
Managing Director
Billard Leece Partnerships

Tara VeldmanTara Veldman is the Managing Director, Principal and Health Lead instrumental in the expansion of BLP. She brings 25 years of experience and a dedication to designing a healthy world in a cross-section of spaces, including hospitals, health hubs, education precincts, high-tech research labs, and residential communities.

Combining her interests in psychology, art, and architecture, Tara is fascinated by how buildings and spaces make people feel. Her passion for sustainable architecture is inspired by her time living in Australia, the Netherlands, Frankfurt, and the Middle East. These life experiences have driven her to create designed environments and places that work and complement their urban setting while using and integrating nature and the natural landscape where possible.

Underpinning projects with evidence-based design, Tara’s work exemplifies innovation, strategic thinking, and best practice. She is a regular contributor to health design conferences and seminars, presenting alongside some of the world’s most respected thought leaders in the sector both at home and abroad.

Grounded in research and insight, Tara’s human-centred design approach and active stakeholder engagement allow the voices of those who will occupy the spaces to be heard. Design outcomes are considered and impactful and exceed both her clients’ and the end ‘users’ expectations.

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Champions of Change Architects

Tara Veldman is a Member of the Champions of Change Architects Group established in 2015 in partnership with the Australian Institute of Architects. The Group is committed to working together to proactively address the issue of gender equality, and women’s representation in leadership in Australian architecture practices, and across the profession.