Natalie MacDonald
Country Fire Authority Victoria

Natalie MacdonaldNatalie MacDonald is Chief Executive Officer of the Country Fire Authority. Prior to appointment to this role in February 2021, Natalie was Vice-President (Strategy & Development) at La Trobe University. In her 8 years in this role, Natalie focused on forward strategy of the University and the transformation of its campuses to create economic growth, community value and high-quality research, teaching and student life environments.

Natalie has extensive experience in public administration, governance and the delivery of services including government services, information services, building and design, accommodation, maintenance, facilities management and procurement services and the delivery of services across wide geographical areas. She has served and is serving on a number of Commonwealth and State bodies and not-for-profit, education, superannuation and research Boards.

Champions of Change Fire & Emergency 

Natalie MacDonald is a Member of the Champions of Change Fire & Emergency Group which was established in 2017 in partnership with the Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council (AFAC). The group includes Chief Executives and Commissioners leading more than 30 agencies responsible for fire, emergency and land management services across Australia and New Zealand. The group is committed to advancing gender equity, inclusive cultures and achieving significant and sustainable improvements in the representation of women in their workplaces.

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