Mia Gous
Senior Vice President
Newmont, Australia

Mia GousMia Gous joined Newmont in 2021, as General Manager, Boddington, leading Newmont’s Boddington operation, Western Australia’s largest gold mine. Gous is a chemical engineer with signicant leadership experience in driving operational excellence. Across her 27-year career in the mining industry, she has led heavy minerals, zinc, lead, copper and gold operations in Africa, Europe, South America and Australia. She has received the Inuential Women in Chile – Leadership award and in 2019 was named to Chile’s 100 Female Leaders list. As Senior Vice President – Australia, Gous will lead Newmont Australia’s delivery of value through our core values of safety, sustainability, integrity, inclusion and responsibility.

Champions of Change National 2015 Group

Mia Gous is a Member of the Champions of Change National 2015 Group. Based in Victoria, the National 2015 Group represents some of Australia’s most significant local, national and international organisations. Members work within and across their organisations to improve the representation of women in leadership positions and non-traditional roles.

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