Our position on sexual harassment

Sexual harassment, in all its forms, is an abuse of power.

It represents behaviours that are beneath the standards we expect from every one of us and across our organisations. It is unethical and against the law. It is inextricably linked to gender inequality.

We have seen the psychological, emotional and physical toll it takes, and the detrimental consequences it can have on the careers and personal lives of those affected, as well as their families and those close to them.

We acknowledge that past approaches to address this behaviour have been insufficient.

We agree that new approaches are required, recognising that this is a human and societal issue.

We will act to prevent it and ensure effective responses for those impacted within, and connected to, our organisations.

We will enable people to recognise sexual harassment in all its forms, and empower them to speak about it, change behaviour if required and respond appropriately in the moment to prevent repetition and escalation.

We will strive for ethical responses over expedient solutions.

We will support respectful transparency so that we can learn from incidents, continuously improve our approach, and improve our accountability to our staff, our stakeholders, and the broader community.

We will lead a new conversation and take new actions to ensure that sexual harassment in our workplaces is eradicated.