Christina Matthews
WA Cricket

Christina MatthewsChristina Matthews is CEO of WA Cricket. A former Australian cricketer, she was named the country’s most capped female Test player and held the record for the most dismissals by an Australian wicketkeeper.

Christina Matthews has impressive leadership qualities having spent 30 years in various management roles within cricket organisations across Australia. In 2016 she was included on The West Australian’s a list of the 100 Most Influential Western Australians.

Christina has proven herself to be an effective and courageous leader since taking on the role of CEO at WA Cricket in 2012. She has redefined the way WA Cricket approaches its business, introducing a strong strategic focus, committing to community engagement, restructuring to ensure resourcing aligns with the Association’s strategic objectives, and managing change to ensure a successful future for the organisation. Her focus has also included increasing philanthropic endeavours and partnership development, both within the sports industry and in other complimentary business, to expand WA Cricket’s reach.

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Champions of Change National 2015 Group

Christina Matthews is a Member of the Champions of Change National 2015 Group. Based in Victoria, the National 2015 Group represents some of Australia’s most significant local, national and international organisations. Members work within and across their organisations to improve the representation of women in leadership positions and non-traditional roles.