MCC meetings are structured similar to any high-level group focused tackling a significant business problem. Another comparison might be to Board or Committee meetings of any well-governed organisation. Meetings are planned at least one year in advance with specific objectives for each meeting.

The Convenor opens the meeting and refers to minutes and actions arising from the previous meeting. Absences are noted and recorded.

Some time is spent reflecting on context and developments (for the group or within the community) since the last meeting.

From there, the agenda focuses on moving through the various stages of the MCC strategy. Briefing papers on a particular issue might be discussed. Members might share their insights and progress on an issue, initiative or opportunity they are pursuing.

Time is also spent discussing specific challenges faced by members of the group. Here experiences are shared and ideas generated.

The meetings also include a focus on progress to ensure the group is meeting its objectives and improving performance on the gender equality measures they are seeking to advance.