Fostering Everyday Respect

Fostering Everyday Respect – Male Champions of Change NSW Government

As part of the strategy to accelerate progress towards gender balance in leadership positions, across the NSW Government in line with the Premier’s Priorities, Male Champions of Change held a webinar with the NSW Public Service Commission for leaders on fostering everyday respect.

Everyday respect plays a key role in creating inclusive workplaces. It is often the little things, said or done in a moment, that play into stereotypes and assumptions about gender, race, LGBTIQ+ identities, disability or age. These behaviours culminate quickly to create a culture that excludes people. There is a tendency to let everyday behaviour slide, and not call it out, so to not ‘rock the boat’. Unless we tackle these everyday behaviours, the best policies and initiatives aimed to achieve gender equality, diversity and inclusion will not deliver progress.

Speakers from public and private sector organisations shared insights and practical strategies they have employed to address behaviours that undermine inclusion. This includes addressing everyday sexism, casual racism, homophobia and ableism, and how to create a culture of everyday respect. Thank you to our speakers Ann Sherry, Kathrina Lo, Rodd Staples, Kristen Hilton, Brendan Thomas, Lisa Annese and James Fazzino.

Watch the live recording of the webinar:

[Duration: 57:43, closed captions available]

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