Male Champions of Change (MCC) collaborated with SBS to develop The Gender Equality course for the SBS Inclusion program. SBS has made publicly available The Gender Equality resources from the Domestic and Family Violence module.

Watch the below resources to learn more about the role organisations and employees can play in supporting people impacted by domestic and family violence.

Domestic and Family Violence

Domestic Violence Interviews

SBS Inclusion Program

The Gender Equality course in the SBS Inclusion program is heavily informed by the MCC research and experience developed over nearly a decade. MCC shared insights and resources from the 15 MCC groups, covering over 230 member organisations, to collectively increase the representation of women in leadership and build the conditions and cultures that enable them to thrive.

The course focuses on gender equality in the workplace. Participants will learn what the issues are around gender equality and what organisations can and are doing to be more inclusive. They will also gain awareness of the impact of their own behaviours.

Course Themes

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