16 Days of Activism Toolkit

Executive Summary

Domestic and family violence is a pervasive issue in our community, and it impacts our workplace.

Recognition that all Australians, and all workplaces, can act to reduce the prevalence and impact of domestic and family violence is growing.

In November 2015, the Champions of Change released the first edition of Playing Our Part – a three-phase model for addressing domestic and family violence as a workplace issue. The Playing our Part, November 2020 edition provides additional context that takes into consideration the impacts of COVID-19, and new Case Studies.

Underpinning this work is an acceleration of our efforts to ensure workplace culture, policies and processes support those impacted by violence, that we take appropriate action to respond to employees who use domestic and family violence, and that we address the underlying cause of domestic and family violence – gender inequality.

“The sheer human impact of domestic and family violence in our community compels us to take action on all fronts. Workplaces are proving to be essential partners in this effort. Employers are now stepping up with action on the confronting issue of employees who may use domestic and family violence. This groundbreaking work helps organisations balance accountability and support for these employees, while ensuring the safety of those impacted is always paramount.”

– Elizabeth Broderick AO – Founder, Champions of Change Coalition

women in Australia (one in six) have experienced physical violence from a partner in their lifetime.
was the estimated cost of violence against women and their children to the Australian economy, in 2016.
increase in Internet searches relating to support for domestic abuse during COVID-19 was reported by Google in March 2020.

Champions of Change Coalition collaborates closely with the many organisations leading and championing change in this area, including Our Watch, No to Violence, Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia, Australia’s CEO Challenge, and the UNSW Gendered Violence Research Network.


The release and distribution of this toolkit coincides with the annual international 16 Days of Activism to End Gender-Based Violence Campaign to raise awareness about domestic and family violence and the support on offer for those impacted by domestic and family violence.

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