Executive Summary

23 August 2017

Australian business leaders have publicly committed to closing any gender pay gap in like-for-like roles within their organisations, supported by a new and comprehensive resource released by the Champions of Change Coalition.

The Closing the Gender Pay Gap report offers a step-by-step guide to ensuring equal pay for equal work, drawn from strategies and tips developed by some of Australia’s top businesses over recent years. The resource is designed to help organisations large and small accelerate their efforts to achieve pay equity.

Closing the Gender Pay Gap explains the various ways in which gender pay gaps can emerge and identifies the workplace conventions and fallacies that fuel them. It provides methodologies for assessing and ensuring equity through different remuneration types – fixed, variable, total and benefits – and other pay-related mechanisms such as commissions, location loading, non-monetary opportunities and benefits, and flexible working.

“This is a joint and concerted effort to help make unjustifiable pay differences in like-for-like roles for men and women a matter of history in Australia.”

– Elizabeth Broderick AO, Founder, Champions of Change Coalition

The Closing the Gender Pay Gap report and resources within was developed from, and builds upon, work and leadership undertaken by the Champions of Change Property Group with support from EY.

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