32Gender equality is an issue of international economic and social importance. As leaders and employers, we know there is much more we can do to make a difference.

For too long, women alone have led the way advocating for and achieving hard-won improvements when so many men hold the power and influence to help advance this work.

Our focus is on working together to achieve a significant and sustainable improvement in the unacceptably low levels of women in leadership.  Advancement rates are low, and the pace of change has been too slow.

After a number of years together, and with strong guidance from many, we have learned a great deal. We are also starting to see real progress from the individual and collective actions we have taken.

We now receive many requests for support from other leaders who see the Male Champions of Change strategy as an innovative intervention that can help in shifting entrenched gender inequalities. Indeed, as a result of the interest and the increasing number of leaders who wish to join, we invested in forming a not-for-profit Institute (Male Champions of Change Ltd.), to oversee and support groups and their work. The MCC coalition now encompasses fifteen groups, amounting to more than 230 leaders across Australian and International sectors and industries.

We want to be up front and say that being a Male Champion of Change on gender equality requires genuine commitment – time, investment and innovation. There is much we have learned from our experience.  We share with you our approach and resources to help you get started, get momentum and accelerate your impact.

None of us can claim to have everything right. Yet we are resolute that championing change on gender equality cannot wait until we can all claim to be perfect role models.

It starts with leaders who are willing to step up, work together, listen, learn and lead with action.

Founding Male Champions of Change