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The Health Group was established in April 2019. The Group has 15 members who lead some 180,000 employees, across Australia. The Group includes representatives from Australia’s leading health and hospital care providers, the primary health care sector, pharmaceutical, funding and government bodies and peak professional bodies.


The health sector is highly gender-segregated, with women occupying as much as 80% of all roles. In a majority of health organisations, women’s progression to senior management is not proportionate to their representation and women are not progressing to senior management positions at the same rate as men. Over the longer term, it is expected that work to create more inclusive workplaces and attract more men to work in the sector will disrupt the gendered nature of the sector overall.


Members of the Health Group work within and across their organisations to:

  • Drive a significant and sustainable increase in the representation of women in leadership positions in the health sector.
  • Support women to take advantage of growth within high-paid careers within the sector.
  • Cultivate inclusive cultures that deliver efficiency within organisations and across the broader health sector.

Group Convenor

Professor Christine Bennett AO Diamond

Professor Christine Bennett AO


School of Medicine The University of Notre Dame

Professor Bennett was appointed to the role of Professor and Dean, School of Medicine, Sydney, The University of Notre Dame Australia in May 2011. Prior to this appointment, Dr Bennett was the Chief Medical Officer for Bupa Australia Group.


Sharpening Our Focus on Corporate Giving

Corporate giving could become a powerful lever for accelerating gender equality according to the recommendations in a new resource from Champions of Change Coalition and Australians Investing In Women.

Pathway to Gender Equality in Sport: Progress Report 2019-2020

Champions of Change Sport Group release the Pathway to Gender Equality in Sport: Progress Report 2019-2020. This is the second annual progress report, it tracks improvement and provides transparency on Group-wide and organisation performance on gender equality across 26 measures under the five categories of: leadership, participation, pathways, investment and practical actions.

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