Global Tech was originally established in partnership with accelerateHER in 2018 and today includes 8 Members who lead some 300,000 employees, in 104 jurisdictions.

Members work within and across their organisations to create and share initiatives to increase the pipeline of diverse women and other underrepresented Groups in technology, enable flexible work across their businesses and jurisdictions, and take action to improve inclusive workplace culture, including eliminating everyday sexism, everyday racism, homophobia and reducing the exclusive homogenous culture in tech.

Group Convenor

Elizabeth Broderick AO Diamond

Elizabeth Broderick AO 

Founder of the Champions of Change Coalition


Elizabeth Broderick AO has brought together captains of industry, sport, governments and Defence Force chiefs to address gender inequality in Australia and beyond. As Australia’s longest serving Sex Discrimination Commissioner (2007-2015), Elizabeth worked tirelessly to break down structural and social barriers faced by women and men, and to promote gender equality.

Members of Champions of Change Global Tech