employees who use domestic and family violence

Content Note: domestic violence and abuse

Male Champions of Change, with the support of key partners, has developed a new resource to guide organisations in responding to employees who may use domestic and family violence.

Taking a lead on this confronting issue continues our long-term work supporting nationwide efforts to end this societal scourge.

Employees who use domestic and family violence – a workplace response includes:

  • Key facts about domestic and family violence in Australia
  • How to recognise when an employee may be using domestic and family violence
  • Principles to underpin organisational approaches to the issue
  • Guidance on managing situations where an employee has (or is alleged to have) used domestic and family violence
  • Guidance on legal obligations for employers
  • A sample policy to adopt or adapt
  • Sample communications for leading on these issues within organisations

Over the past five years our coalition has prioritised efforts to support employees impacted by domestic and family violence – some 74.5% of members now have clear approaches in place. However, given the prevalence of domestic and family violence in our community, we’ve learned that comprehensive workplace responses should also cover employees who use this behaviour.

This is challenging and sensitive area for organisations – balancing accountability and support for employees who use domestic and family violence to seek help, while ensuring that the safety of the person experiencing domestic and family violence is always paramount.

This resource provides much needed, evidence-informed guidance which organisations are invited to adopt, adapt and share to help accelerate change towards a world where all women are safe, equal and valued.

Our sincere thanks to our partners for their leadership, guidance and advice in developing our approach:


Watch the live recording of the webinar: Responding to employees who use domestic and family violence

Thank you to our speakers Elizabeth Broderick AO, Patty Kinnersly, Craig Drummond, Jacqui Watt, Paul Jenkins, Jacque Lachmund, Jan Breckenridge, Ryan Burke and Karen Willis.

[Duration: 58:49, closed captions available]