Steve Demetriou
Chair and Chief Executive Officer

Steve Demetriou

Steve joined Jacobs as CEO in August 2015 and the following year was appointed Chair of the Board of Directors. Steve has steered a profound reshaping of Jacobs’ business portfolio, operations and culture. Under his leadership, the firm has accelerated profitable growth and transformed into the leading, next-generation solutions provider.

In addition to the Jacobs leadership experience, Steve’s broad international business perspectives are the product of more than 35 years in leadership and senior management roles across a broad range of industries, including Specialty Chemicals, Metals and Mining. In addition to serving on Jacobs’ Board, Steve also serves on the boards for FirstEnergy Corp and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. He is also a Board member and the U.S. Co-Chair of the U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council and a Member of the Business Roundtable.

Under Steve’s direction, Jacobs has made inclusion and diversity a business imperative and a key element of Jacobs growth strategy moving forward. Steve’s passion for gender equality along with equity in opportunity and engaging with our employees to gain different perspectives, new ideas and potential solutions continues to drive Jacobs forward and create sustainable change both internally and in industry.

Steve views inclusion as a critical enabler of innovation and recognizes gender as the greatest opportunity to achieve authentic equality. As an executive sponsor of the Jacobs Women’s Network, he actively seeks opportunities to work alongside women, listen, learn and help address the systemic issues that contribute to inequality.

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