Dr. Sharon Ponniah
Partner, Health and Well-being, Public Policy & Economics

Sharon Ponniah

Dr. Sharon Ponniah is a Partner in the PwC health practice and is a public health and policy specialist. She has worked in the public and private sectors managing research, evaluation and population health programs at State and National level, in Australia and New Zealand. She has held roles with the Ministry of Health New Zealand; worked for large Crown Entities; and for the George Institute for Global Health prior to entering consulting. With a PhD in public health, she is a published academic and continues to review NHMRC grants for public health and policy.

Sharon’s career has been driven by a passion to reduce inequity, increase sustainability and impact social agendas. She has increasingly been supporting a number of public organisations and corporates to address mental health and wellbeing proactively; understanding peoples’ needs through career and life stages and the role of workplaces in supporting physical and mental wellness. Sharon Ponniah co-leads PwC Consulting’s mental health business and is currently working with our Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer to develop PwC’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

Sharon is a mother of two young children and juggles work and family life in Sydney. Sharon was instrumental in the establishment of the MCC Health Group, working alongside Elizabeth Broderick and the MCC Institute team to bring together this group of leaders on gender equality from across the sector.

Latest Updates

Champions of Change Health

Sharon Ponniah is a Member of Champions of Change Health group established in 2019. The Health Group represents industry leaders from the public and private Health sectors. The Health Members are committed to significantly increasing the representation of women in high-pay, high-growth areas of the health sector.