Sean Taylor
CEO & Managing Director
Komatsu Australia

Sean Taylor

Sean Taylor joined the Champions of Change Coalition in 2017

Sean Taylor has over 30 years in the earthmoving industry and commenced with Komatsu Australia in 2004 as GM Construction and Utility.

Since 2011, Sean has been responsible for providing the vision, leadership and strong direction as Managing Director and CEO for the Komatsu Australia, in order to implement business transformation initiatives within the organisation.

Sean’s vision is for Komatsu Australia to become indispensable to its customers. His focus has been on four defined pillars – Customers, Komatsu People, Growth, and Efficiency – a simple and balanced approach to business operations in order to sustainably grow the business for Komatsu’s shareholders.

Sean believes that Innovation is a key driver for change and has recently established a new Market Innovation Department to focus on becoming ‘Customer Centric’ and a data driven organisation.

He also has a clear focus towards Diversity and Inclusion where individual differences are recognised, respected and embraced as an opportunity to learn and enhance capability; a place that fosters collaboration and inclusion.

Latest Updates

Champions of Change National 2017 Group

Sean Taylor is a Member of the Champions of Change National 2017 Group. Members of this group have a strong industrial manufacturing and transport focus, and work within traditionally male dominated environments. The Group’s goal is to increase the representation of women in leadership positions and in non-traditional roles across their organisations.