Salim Ghauri
NetSol Technologies Inc.

Salim Ghauri joined the Male Champions of Change Pakistan group in 2018.

Salim Ghauri envisioned a dream of Pakistan having its own leading IT platform. Showing and implementing the patriotic energy led to the beginning of his entrepreneurial life 40 years ago. The real actualizing came in the form of NETSOL Technologies as a result of his vision. The brick of NETSOL was laid 24 years ago in 1996, with Salim Ghauri as its pioneer. Today, the building of NETSOL stands as the leading Leasing and Finance Software Company of Pakistan; and the only CMMI Level 5 organization. NETSOL has become the first company with operations in Pakistan to get listed on NASDAQ. Being the main providers of Asset Financing Software in the world, the company has captured 90% of the Chinese market.

Salim Ghauri is a renowned IT Entrepreneur recognized globally. His interest in IT over years of IT expertise developed while he was in Saudi Arabia and Australia in his previous years. During his foreign experiences he direly felt a need of his skills for contribution in the Pakistani IT sector. His dedication is not only defined to NETSOL, yet again as an entrepreneur and as a nation’s citizen, his services and contribution are expanding daily to the national and global forums.

At present, he is the Honorary Consul of Australia for Punjab, he has chaired the Federal Government’s ICT Task Force and is a Board Member at the Punjab Population Innovation Fund. Currently and previously, Salim Ghauri has been called various times by the Prime Ministers and Presidents of Pakistan for his valuable and knowledgeable contribution in the tech sector.

Salim Ghauri is an inspiration to millions of Pakistani youngsters, who not only look up to him as an IT expert but also as a motivational personality who has made a difference in the lives of many. He proved what it is to have a dream and why can’t it be achieved. Salim Ghauri’s dream revolved around IT, an industry having great potential but ignored by many. Not only did Salim Ghauri change the game of IT in Pakistan but also added value to the nation by creating employment with great attention to gender diversity. Today, NETSOL is one of the leading organizations of Pakistan where people retention rate is at a hike.

For Salim Ghauri, stories matter. To tell his life story full of experiences, he has a book written in his own words, “Ghauri – from Nothing to Everything”, translated in Urdu as well. His journey encapsulates the tough, the smooth, the challenging, the adventurous terrains teaching one to be wise, decisive and positive. Indeed, it leaves the reader with a great deal of genuineness, inspiration and aspiration.

Among the rural and urban areas, he is often seen involved in the welfare and social activities as well as visiting various educational institutions in these areas to guide and motivate people. On the other hand, he believes in keeping up-to-date with the world. With 70 thousand plus followers on social media, he actively posts, tweets and publishes inspirational and informative content for his followers. Salim Ghauri being an energetic man, is amiable to all those young teenagers who often meet him as a friend and a motivator.

Salim Ghauri believes in living life to the fullest and is a strong fitness enthusiast. A complete man himself, Salim Ghauri is ever eager and open-hearted when it comes to sharing his thoughts with the world and giving back to the society while being passionate about working hand in hand in the growth of IT sector.

Male Champions of Change Pakistan 

Salim Ghauri is a Member of the Male Champions of Change Pakistan group which was established in 2018. The Pakistan group includes representatives from various sectors including hospitality, telecommunications, information technology, micro-finance and sport. Members are committed to leading on gender equality, diversity and women’s empowerment within their organisations and in society as a whole. 

Male Champions of Change Pakistan is a member organisation of the Champions of Change Coalition.