Russell Baskerville
CEO & Managing Director

Russell Baskerville

Russell Baskerville is Empired‘s Managing Director, responsible for initiative, innovation and growth throughout the organisation.

Russell is an experienced business professional who has been exposed to the IT Industry for over 10 years. He has extensive knowledge in the strategic growth and development of technology businesses balanced by strong commercial and corporate skills.

Prior to joining Empired, Russell Baskerville was a founding member of Tusk Technologies Pty Ltd which was acquired by Empired Limited in March 2002. He was also the founder and Managing Director of Procom Solutions Pty Ltd. Russell led this business through a successful acquisition in early 2001. He also founded Procom Holdings Pty Ltd, a company established to provide technical service and support to merchant banking facilities on behalf of the larger banks in Australia.

Russell currently holds non-executive directorships with Procom Holdings Pty Ltd and BigRedSky Limited.

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Champions of Change Microsoft Partners

Russell Baskerville is a Member of Champions of Change Microsoft Partners established in 2020 in partnership with Microsoft Australia. The Group includes CEOs and Managing Directors of Microsoft Australia’s eleven largest partners. The group is committed to building flexible workplaces and developing new approaches to attracting and retaining women in the sector.

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