Professor S Bruce Dowton
Vice-Chancellor and President
Macquarie University

Professor S Bruce DowtonProfessor S Bruce Dowton has served as Vice-Chancellor and President of Macquarie University since September 2012. He is a paediatrician, clinical geneticist, molecular biologist, researcher and academic, and has served as a senior medical executive at a range of universities, healthcare institutions and consulting organisations. Prior to returning to Australia, he served as a paediatrician at the Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, and as Clinical Professor of Paediatrics at Harvard Medical School. He has lived and worked globally in many cultures and contexts.

Using the long-term strategic framework for the University, developed during Professor Dowton’s first year, Macquarie University has established an ethos of service and engagement at the heart of its learning, teaching, research and external activities. The framework has subsequently enabled a dramatic improvement in research performance, a synthesis of traditional and technological learning and teaching activities, deeper relationships with corporate and industry partners (including the launch of the Macquarie Park Innovation District, now Connect MPID), significantly enhanced philanthropic giving and a series of multi-million-dollar capital works on campus. Professor Dowton’s ability to clarify complexity and his highly engaging personal style have since become hallmarks of his Vice-Chancellorship.

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Champions of Change National 2016 Group

Professor S Bruce Dowton is a Member of the Champions of Change National 2016 Group. The group brings together a diverse range of significant Australian employers spanning government, retail, financial services, energy, mining, consumer goods and professional service sectors. Members are committed to lead and deliver change in gender equality, and drive a sustainable increase in the representation of women in leadership positions.