Murtaza Ahmed
Managing Director
Artistic Milliners

Murtaza AhmedMurtaza Ahmed is the Managing Director of Artistic Milliners. He has led the Garments Division of Artistic Milliners as the Managing Director since 2008. He geared Artistic Milliners to become an agent of change in denim manufacturing by introducing contemporary concepts of digitization, automation and sustainability.

Artistic Milliners (AM) is the largest denim exporter in Pakistan with a turnover of USD 418 Million for the FY 2022 and with a production capacity of 43.2 million pieces annually.

In 2018, The Financial Times acknowledged Mr. Murtaza as the Global Champion of Women in Business. Due to his active participation in women’s economic development, Mr. Murtaza has been awarded United Nations Global SDG Pioneer and is also nominated as Rivet 50 Denim Influencer 2021 and the Top influential Person in the Denim Top 100 lists by the prestigious WeAr Magazine.

In 2019, Murtaza established the highest rated LEED Platinum factory in Pakistan. Artistic Milliners is Pakistan’s first UNGBC LEED Certified Company (2015) and Pakistan’s first FairTrade Certified Facility (2019).  He also founded Star Fades International – a Los Angeles based center of premium denim and speed-to-market production, as an addition to the global footprint of AM Ecosystem.

Murtaza also serves as the CEO of Artistic Energy- a subsidiary of Artistic Milliners, which contributes 100 MW of wind energy through two wind power projects. He plans to further expand Artistic Energy to solar, hydel and hybrid energy plants in future.

Mr. Murtaza holds a Graduate degree from Babson College in the U.S. with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Finance. He believes in solution driven commitments contributing to increasing sustainable practices and advancing collective industry action for the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Male Champions of Change Pakistan 

Murtaza Ahmed is a Member of the Male Champions of Change Pakistan group which was established in 2018. The Pakistan group includes representatives from various sectors including hospitality, telecommunications, information technology, micro-finance and sport. Members are committed to leading on gender equality, diversity and women’s empowerment within their organisations and in society as a whole. 

Male Champions of Change Pakistan is a member organisation of the Champions of Change Coalition.