Muhammad Uns
Swyft Logistics

Muhammad UnsMuhammad Uns is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Swyft, a third-party logistics company that offers quick flow of goods to customers while ensuring transparency, quality of service and continuous improvement.

An MBA from LUMS, one of Pakistan’s premium business schools, Uns always had a knack for entrepreneurship, technology and spearheading startups. He began his career eleven years ago at TRG – a leading call center, and transitioned into data capitalization over the years. His pioneering venture DOCKIT greatly revolutionized loyalty programs and data analytics. 

Uns has participated in various international tech summits and, drawing on his vast experience, also headed growth initiatives at This was a thought-provoking project that made him recognize the need for a new dimension in logistics.

With a focus on innovation and technology development processes, Uns is now heading Swyft, a tech-enabled logistics company that is well on its way to compete with the movers and shakers of the 3PL industry in Pakistan. 

“Leadership and teamwork go hand-in-hand. Therefore, at Swyft, we create a comfortable and positive work environment that inspires us to learn, grow and excel every day.”

– Muhammad Uns

Male Champions of Change Pakistan 

Muhammad Uns is a Member of the Male Champions of Change Pakistan group which was established in 2018. The Pakistan group includes representatives from various sectors including hospitality, telecommunications, information technology, micro-finance and sport. Members are committed to leading on gender equality, diversity and women’s empowerment within their organisations and in society as a whole.

Male Champions of Change Pakistan is a member organisation of the Champions of Change Coalition.

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