Mike Morgan
Senior Vice President & Managing Director APAC

Mike Morgan

For as long as Mike Morgan can remember, computers and technology have played an important role in his day-to-day life.

He built his first computer at the age of eight and spent his spare time engrossed in new opportunities to learn and work creatively by writing code and building computer programs.

After high school, Mike’s career path to becoming a computer programmer accelerated through a scholarship training course offered by an Australian bank.

Over the years, he helped clients solve everyday challenges with modern technology solutions while working for IT professional services companies.

In 2008, he ran the largest Australian location at Oakton, an IT services company. Through this role, he gained critical experience leading beyond the IT services side of the business. During this time, he also earned his Master of Business Administration at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management.

From 2012 to 2014, he served as the CEO at Intergen in Australia, directing all aspects of the Australian business to drive growth by achieving revenue goals.

Before joining Insight in 2017, Mike Morgan led Transformation Services for Empired Limited, one of Microsoft’s largest business solution providers in Australia. While there, he provided leadership to the organization, successfully integrating three acquired businesses into a single, national business.

Mike is proud to champion Insight APAC across the globe and region as its vice president and managing director. Insight’s values, cutting-edge capabilities and global reach excite him.

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Champions of Change Microsoft Partners

Mike Morgan is a Member of Champions of Change Microsoft Partners established in 2020 in partnership with Microsoft Australia. The Group includes CEOs and Managing Directors of Microsoft Australia’s eleven largest partners. The group is committed to building flexible workplaces and developing new approaches to attracting and retaining women in the sector.