Malcolm McDowell
CEO Australia Pacific

Malcolm McDowall is passionate leader focused on fostering an inclusive culture and creating a great place to work. He has over 30 years’ experience across the urban and infrastructure sectors and 18 years at Arcadis; including general management roles, technical leadership, and also commercial construction.

As CEO of Arcadis Australia Pacific (a leader in built and natural asset design and management), Malcolm McDowall leads a people-first approach that as a result delivers exceptional client results and strong business performance. Leading the Arcadis Australia Pacific Regional Executive Team, Malcolm drives the region’s strategy, bringing the best of the global Arcadis offering to Australia.

A Chartered Professional with experience in the planning, design, construction, verification, as well as re-purposing of built assets. Malcolm’s previous roles within Arcadis include Managing Director for Environment; Advisory and Assurance; Managing Director Buildings; and also Urban Development and General Manager NSW.

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Champions of Change Consult Australia

Malcolm McDowall is a Member of  Champions of Change Consult Australia Group established in 2017 in partnership with Consult Australia. The group brings together CEOs and Regional Managing Directors of some of Consult Australia’s premier member firms. The group is committed to bringing about change and advancing equality in this traditionally male dominated profession.