Dr. Lars Buttler
Co-Founder and CEO
AI Foundation

Lars Buttler

Dr. Lars Buttler is a co-founder and the CEO of the AI Foundation, and President of AI Foundation Nonprofit. The AI Foundation’s mission is to move the world forward responsibly by giving each of us our own AI that shares our personal values and goals, while anticipating and counteracting the risks of AI’s proliferation in society.

With the help of many of the world’s most distinguished scientists and backed by leaders from Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and Madison Avenue, such as Founders Found, WME Endeavor, and many others, the AI Foundation develops protective tools to safeguard the world, and advanced products that benefit humanity.

Dr. Lars Buttler is the creator of Trion Worlds and – with massively-social, dynamic, AI-powered games like RIFT® and Trove® – the most advanced Artificial Worlds on earth. Lars also served as co-chair of BENS’ U.S. National Technology & Innovation Council. He earned his PhD, optimization of non-linear, dynamic systems, at TU Dortmund, supervised by Paul I. Barton at MIT, and his MBA at Harvard.

Champions of Change Global Tech

Dr. Lars Buttler is a Member of the Champions of Change Global Tech group established in 2018 in partnership with accelerateHER. The group aims to drive change on gender equality globally in the technology industry and are focused on normalising flexible work across the industry; building strong pipelines of women; looking at how women are promoted, developed and retained; and creating inclusive workplaces.