Kerryn Coker
Co-Chair, Australasia

Kerryn CokerKerryn Coker is the co-Chair of the Arup Australasia Region which incorporates Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia and employs more than 2,500 specialists working in the built environment.

As a senior façade engineer and multidisciplinary project leader in Australia and the UK, Kerryn has been deeply involved in complex innovations for landmark buildings such as Quay Quarter Tower,  8 Chifley Square and 1 Bligh Street in Sydney, NewActon Nishi in Canberra, and King’s Place in London.

Her previous role was Leader of the multidisciplinary NSW Buildings Group, delivering large complex projects across the transport development, health, education and the arts and culture sectors.

Kerryn is leading the implementation of Arup’s Sustainable Development Strategy in Australasia. She is continually raising the bar and inspiring others to do more to create resilient, liveable places with an end-to-end approach to projects.

She has excelled in creating teams with people of diverse backgrounds and skills, engaging and challenging them to identify strengths and new opportunities, then leading them to achieve greater impact and success.

Within the industry, Kerryn is seen as a role model for successfully working and leading in new ways, and valued for her generous mentoring, especially to future female leaders. She is a regular presenter on topical issues including sustainability, building design and women in leadership.

Connect with Kerryn on LinkedIn: Kerryn Coker

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Champions of Change Consult Australia

Kerryn Coker is a Member of Champions of Change Consult Australia Group established in 2017 in partnership with Consult Australia. The group brings together CEOs and Regional Managing Directors of some of Consult Australia’s premier member firms. The group is committed to bringing about change and advancing equality in this traditionally male dominated profession.