Jamie Shelton

Jamie Shelton

Jamie Shelton joined the Consult Australia MCC group in 2018

Jamie Shelton is Northrop’s CEO.  Jamie commenced his career with Northrop Engineers in 1988 as a graduate engineer in the Canberra office. Today he is a senior structural engineer with over 20 years of experience in servicing clients and managing engineering design teams. He works closely with clients as a lead structural engineer and is valued for his innovative and pragmatic approach to building design.  He enjoys the challenge of developing simple solutions that integrate the architectural, economic and construction needs of a project.

Jamie likes working with great people within Northrop, with clients and in collaborative teams. He likes being part of the action, and seeing both the clients’ businesses, and our relationship with those clients, grow. He goes beyond providing structural expertise to being part of the client’s team advising on a feasibility, project procurement, buildability and authority negotiations.

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Champions of Change Consult Australia

Jamie Shelton is a Member of Champions of Change Consult Australia Group established in 2017 in partnership with Consult Australia. The group brings together CEOs and Regional Managing Directors of some of Consult Australia’s premier member firms. The group is committed to bringing about change and advancing equality in this traditionally male dominated profession.

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