Graham Kerr

Graham Kerr

Graham Kerr first joined the Champions of Change Coalition in 2017 as a Member of the Champions of Change National 2016 Group. Graham is now a founding Member of the Champions of Change National 2021 Group.

Graham has successfully led the establishment of South32 and its public listing in three countries.

Graham is responsible for running all aspects of the business and has a strong track record in global resource development. He is passionate about health, safety and sustainability.

Before joining South32, Graham worked in a wide range of roles across the BHP Billiton Group, including as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) from 2011 to 2014. He also spent two years at Iluka Resources as General Manager Commercial.

He is a Certified Practicing Accountant.

Champions of Change National 2021 Group

Graham Kerr is a Member of the Champions of Change National 2021 Group. Members of this group have a strong industrial manufacturing and transport focus, and work within traditionally male dominated environments. The Group’s goal is to increase the representation of women in leadership positions and in non-traditional roles across their organisations.