Dr. Rahmyn Kress
Founder & CEO
WeVee Technologies

Rahmyn Kress

Founder of HumanCaptialNetwork, serial entrepreneur, investor and technologist, Rahmyn Kress is a sought-after pioneer of change. Successfully leading large organisations through their cultural and digital transformations by inspiring and driving innovation since the late 90’s. His ability to bring together diverse groups of individuals to accelerate momentum and the delivery of a united vision towards measurable impact, has become one of his proven superpowers. Linked to his innate gift for identifying top talent, generating successful teams and fostering the right conditions for success. Kress embodies and instills in his collaborators a rare balance of entrepreneurial vision, business acumen and social commitment. Industrial leaders need this to thrive in today’s marketplace.

Rahmyn Kress founded HumanCapitalNetwork to actualize the boundless potential that comes when ambition is connected to insight and capability. HumanCapitalNetwork is a platform that brings about commercial viability and wide-reaching social positivity through its hyper-connected and high-impact network of entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 C-Suite execs, academics and also venture capitalists. Through HumanCapitalNetwork ambitious entrepreneurs looking to scale are able to connect to C-suite influence. Visionary corporates seeking to accelerate pioneering innovations and digital transformation gain insight into the pivots and emerging innovations required to retain relevance. And together with VC funds and family offices are guided to a more streamlined route to market. HumanCapitalNetwork’s mandate is to create a more desirable future for the generations to come.

His proven innovation models make him a trusted CEO and board advisor. Kress is a board member of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Platform Economy focused on accelerating digital transformation.

When it comes to disruption, Kress is celebrated as both its most trusted guide and bold catalyst. A reputation acquired early on in his career. Where Kress demonstrated an immediate ease for complex problem solving by effectively and swiftly implementing calculated pivots and organisation wide progress initiatives. Kress first did this as a media executive at Universal Music Group. Here he helped navigate them through the first wave of digital disruption that shook the media industry in the late 90’s. And then as president and CEO of Digiplug, where he 2/2 effectively repositioned it as the leading SaaS media management and delivery platform that was acquired by Accenture. Then at Accenture Kress was appointed as general partner of Accenture Ventures for Europe, Latin America and Africa.

Most recently Kress was brought on to serve an ambitious mission driven appointment as Henkel’s Chief Digital Officer and Executive Digital Committee Chairman. His mandate was to fast track their global digital activities across all business units and a shift in culture by building a new digital technology backbone and sustainable business model innovation, which he successfully accomplished within his 3 year mandate. Kress also founded HenkelX an open innovation platform accelerating Henkel’s entrepreneurial transformation that during his tenure
was recognised as one of the top 20 innovation platforms. When HenkelX merged into HenkelX Ventures Kress had $150 Million under his management.

Fiercely devoted to diversity and representation, Rahmyn Kress is a Founding Partner of AccelerateHer that serves to address women’s underrepresentation in technology; and also a member of Champions of Change Coalition that seeks to redefine men’s roles as allies to women that actively tackle gender inequality. Kress is also deeply committed to creating awareness around the misperceptions of neurodiversity, specifically dyslexia and ADHD. In this effort he founded BeautifulMinds which fosters educational opportunities and access to early diagnosis in underserved communities. All in an effort to destigmatize neurodiversity and in turn treat it as the superpower it can become when properly harnessed. Kress has forged partnerships with a shared goal to help bring 50 beautiful minds by 2025 into fortune 500 boardrooms.

As an expert in change management, organisational behaviour and behavioural economics Kress has co-authored several bestselling books on the subject. He is also a regular contributor to key publications; on the opportunity presented to companies and institutions who effectively leverage investments in entrepreneurship to maintain relevance and contribute to the growth of the European economy.

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