Professor Doug Hilton AO
Chief Executive

Doug Hilton AO

Professor Doug Hilton AO joined the Champions of Change National 2015 Group in 2015.

Professor Doug Hilton AO commenced as the Chief Executive of CSIRO on 29 September. Professor Doug Hilton was previously the Director of the WEHI and Head of the Department of Medical Biology in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at the University of Melbourne. He is best known for his discoveries in the area of cytokine signalling and for his advocacy for health & medical research and gender equity in science.

The Hilton lab aims to understand which of the 30,000 genes are important in the production and function of blood cells, and how this information can be used to better prevent, diagnose and treat blood cell diseases such as leukaemia, arthritis and asthma.

Professor Doug Hilton has been awarded numerous prizes for his research into how blood cells communicate and has led major collaborations with industry to translate his discoveries from the bench to the bedside. He is an inventor of more than 20 patent families, most of which have been licensed, and is a co-founder of the biotechnology company MuriGen.

He is an Officer of the Order of Australia, and a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, of Technological Sciences and Engineering, and of Health and Medical Sciences. Prof. Hilton is the inaugural recipient of The Lorenzo and Pamela Galli Chair in Medical Biology.

Updates from the National 2015 Group

Champions of Change National 2015 Group

Doug Hilton is a Member of the Champions of Change National 2015 Group. Based in Victoria, the National 2015 Group represents some of Australia’s most significant local, national and international organisations. Members work within and across their organisations to improve the representation of women in leadership positions and non-traditional roles.