David Koczkar

David KoczkarDavid Koczkar was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Medibank in May 2021.

He commenced at Medibank in 2014, holding the roles of Chief Operating Officer from March 2014 and then Group Executive – Chief Customer Officer from September 2016. David was also appointed Acting Chief Executive Officer between April 2016 and June 2016.

Prior to joining Medibank, David Koczkar was the Group Chief Commercial Officer at Jetstar where he was responsible for the airline group’s network management, sales and marketing, customer channels and commercial operations, including as a director of Jetstar Pacific (Vietnam), Jetstar Hong Kong and NewStar (Singapore) JV businesses.

David has more than 25 years of strategy, customer and commercial experience, including previous work in the strategy consulting and financial services industries.

Champions of Change National 2015 Group

David Koczkar is a Member of the Champions of Change National 2015 Group. Based in Victoria, the National 2015 Group represents some of Australia’s most significant local, national and international organisations. Members work within and across their organisations to improve the representation of women in leadership positions and non-traditional roles.

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