Champions of Change Marks 10 Years

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Stepping up beside women on gender equality: Champions of Change Coalition marks 10 years

7 December 2020

A decade after its formation as the Male Champions of Change, the 255 Member Coalition of cross sector leaders for gender equality, has changed its name to the Champions of Change Coalition with the tagline ‘men stepping up beside women on gender equality’.

The Champions of Change Coalition is a globally recognised, innovative strategy for achieving gender equality, advancing more and diverse women in leadership and building respectful and inclusive workplaces.

The Champions of Change Coalition brings together 255 leaders from more than 220 organisations with over 1.5 million employees across 155 countries.

“Ten years ago we recognised the need to engage the captains of industry, the men, to drive the actions that make the change to achieve gender equality in our workplaces,” says Elizabeth Broderick AO, Founder of Male Champions of Change and Former Sex Discrimination Commissioner.

“Engaging the CEOs was a core element of the strategy then, as it is today. Over the past 10 years our Members have built a solid platform for more powerful and influential men to step up beside women leaders and work constructively towards a gender equal world,” says Broderick.

The Champions of Change Coalition’s work focuses on shifting the systems of gender inequality in the workplace and is backed by a proven and evolving methodology for increasing the representation of women in organisations and developing the conditions and cultures that enable them to thrive.

“The perspectives and challenges we face are unique to each Member, but the underlying issues are the same. The Champions of Change Coalition provides each of us with an innovation hub where we can amplify our collective impact by working together, within and across different Groups to improve gender equity and support inclusive workplaces,” says David Thodey AO Founding Group Member of Male Champions of Change (Chair CSIRO, Xero and Tyro).

Announcing the name change Annika Freyer, CEO Champions of Change Institute said “Our strategy and the composition and collaboration of the Coalition has evolved considerably since it was started with eight powerful men ten years ago.

“Over the past years male Coalition Members have been working side-by-side with women leaders to accelerate progress on gender equality.

“The name change to Champions of Change Coalition is a milestone that reflects the growth and the natural evolution of our work.

“Marking our 10th year, our Members and Partners collectively endorse and welcome the transition to Champions of Change Coalition – men stepping up beside women on gender equality. We all agree that Champions of Change Coalition clearly represents who we are, what we do, how we work today and importantly, how we will continue into the future,” says Freyer.

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