Regardless of the specific gender equality issue being tackled, there are some commitments that should be consistent amongst groups establishing themselves as Male Champions of Change. These include:

  • changing workplace conditions, cultures and mindsets to enable both women and men to advance equally within our organisations
  • working to increase women on our boards, executive committee and in line management
  • recruiting, developing and retaining diverse candidates as a priority
  • developing workplaces where health and safety are prioritized and all forms of violence in the workplace – including verbal, physical, sexual – and sexual harassment, are prohibited
  • sharing experiences and strategies for advancing gender equality across corporate, government and community sectors.
  • being spokespersons for the promotion of gender equality, both individually and collectively.
  • assessing and publicly reporting on our individual and collective progress and results on gender equality, consistent with local and global leading practice reporting frameworks.

New groups are also invited to support initiatives of the founding Male Champions of Change such as The Panel Pledge; asking “50:50 if not why not?”; and using the Leadership Shadow to review and enhance their leadership on gender.